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Bearing in mind the process which Marianne Engberg deploys in her photography, the gap between photographer and sculptor is not as wide as one might have assumed. The aesthetic interests are the same: light, movement, shape, line. Pieces of white glass found on beaches and refined by years and years spent in the ocean inspired Marianne Engberg to create the sculptures—she sought to create that same soft, translucent surface and milky white. As in her photograms, the wish to create a work of art that would match her envisioned image led her to experiment with different fabrics and techniques. In cooperation with the material specialist Colbar Art Inc., headquartered in Long Island City, New York, Engberg has developed a method that invests her sculptures with an enigmatic and minimalistic expression combining the contemplative flow of light with silky, organic forms.

Each outline is first modeled by Marianne Engberg on a small scale and then scanned and enlarged. She combines the smooth feel and pleasant heaviness of the material with elegantly dancing silhouettes. The sculptures can be produced at a height from 12 inches or up to thirty feet, making it possible for the viewer to move through the shape. For a large sculpture intended to be shown in Greenland, the material’s ability to resist extreme weather and temperatures was tested; it is thus possible to place the sculptures outdoors as well as indoors.

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