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All images: Copyright Marianne Engberg

Text: Marie Arleth Skov

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Thank you to Tiderne Skifter, Pia Juul and Mark Jordan


To purchase a work by Marianne Engberg

Pinhole: The pinhole photos are sold in 1/10 editions in the sizes 6 x 6 inches or 16 x 16 inches.

Photosynthetism: All photogram works on paper and glass are sold as one of a kind. The standard size is 14 x 11 inches. All shown images can also be produced in customized sizes, in which case the original print stays in possession of the artist and is used solely for museum exhibition purposes.

Sculptures: The models are available in customized sizes ranging from one to thirty feet; each form is sold in max three sizes.

The shown images are examples. All featured series contain several further works.

We ship worldwide. Please contact us for further information and price details.


To purchase Pia Juul: “ET LIV MED LYS – En bog om fotografen Marianne Engbergs liv med fotografiet” click here


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